The Operators Award 2023

TV Drama Award

For outstanding work by a camera operator in a Television Drama production


The award is open to all television drama production that had its first transmission on British television, including terrestrial, cable, satellite, Netflix, Apple, Amazon or other internet channels between 1st January 2022 and 31st December 2022.

How to submit your entry:-

  • Please fill in the form on the right to submit your project for approval.

Once your project is approved you will be notified and invited to the clips page
to prepare the 10 minute reel required . 

If you are submitting on behalf of an operator, thank you.  Upon approval the operator will be notified of your submission and invited to the clips page to create the 10 minute reel required. Your work as submitter is done. Thank you for supporting our operators. 


  • The submitted operators create a 10 minute clip following the instructions on the clips page

Entries can be from a single drama or from ONE episode of a regular drama or mini series.

The ten-minute selection can be a continuous excerpt or series of excerpts, each no shorter than 30 seconds and in the original aspect ratio. Complete scenes do not need to be shown, but excerpts must not be edited to alter the original sequence of shots or scene order.

The excerpt(s) must carry the original sound track only.


  • Submissions close at Midday on the 31st December 2022. 


  • Voting opens to the ACO,GBCT and BSC membership immediately for 25 days until midnight January 25th 2023


  • The final five nominees are presented to the panel of judges and the winner is selected. 


  • All final nominees are invited to attend the BSC Awards Night on February 11th 2023 where the winner will be announced



Good Luck and congratulations on achieving industry recognition of excellence in your work. 

TV Drama Submissions

There are no open submissions at this time.