The Operators Award 2024

Dee Edwards Jury Award

For individuals or organisations who have made a notable contribution to furthering the craft of operating

Dee Edwards
4 th August 1955 – 20 th December 2022

In the wake of Dee’s untimely death in December 2023, the Operators Award Committee, comprised of representatives from the ACO, the GBCT and the BSC, created an award in her honour to recognise people in the industry, who have championed the work of Operators and their crews.

In 1989 the GBCT and Panavision joined forces to create the Camera Operators’ Award, the Focus Pullers’ Award and the David Lenham Award. Voting was conducted by the GBCT membership and the first ‘Golden Camera’ award was presented to Mike Roberts, GBCT, BSC Associate, for his amazing work on the Oscar-winning Mississippi Burning. The Operator’s Award lay dormant between 2006 and 2010. However, following the foundation of the ACO in 2010, it was re-established and became a joint award of the ACO, GBCT and BSC. This was largely due to Dee’s encouragement, support and enthusiastic collaboration.

During her time as the administrator and heart and soul of the GBCT, her immeasurable contribution to the welfare and careers of so many in our industry made her an exceptionally fitting first recipient of The Operators Jury
Award 2023.

As of 2024, the Dee Edwards Jury Award will be given at the discretion of the Operators Award Committee in recognition of individuals or organisations who have made a notable contribution to furthering the craft of operating.
Operators on lees-publicised films with lower budgets and consequently limited distribution will also be eligible.

Dee Edwards worked in the film and television industry for almost 40 years. She started her career as a PA at the BBC in the Documentaries Department and moved on to working as a Researcher on several ground-breaking and
multi-award-winning RTS and BAFTA documentary series and single documentaries. She moved on to Head of Production for Antelope Films, before becoming an independent Producer creating TV drama, documentary, music, history and contemporary science programmes. Her award-winning programmes brought her recognition from Buckingham Palace where she was honoured for Services to Television in 1997.

Dee’s next career move took her to The National Film and Television School, where she ran the Short Course Unit from 1993 to 2006. She wrote the academic programme and established the first Masters’ Degree qualification for vocational training and education.

In 2008 Dee brought her expertise to The Guild of British Camera Technicians. She was honourable and progressive, continually striving to maintain the high standards of The Guild, thus upholding its high reputation. She was above all a people person and had a unique talent for forging connections and helped innumerable people to progress in their careers. She was instrumental in helping with the foundation of the Association of Camera Operators and reviving the Operators Award, thus forging strong links between the Guild, the ACO and the BSC. She created one of the best camera trainee schemes in the country, which attracts over 700 applicants every time it runs. She was particularly proud of her key role in the retraining course the GBCT did in partnership with Help the Heroes and Screen Skills. She recognised the value of those ex-service men and woman, and how their skills could transfer to our industry in every department.

Dee strongly believed in family, friends and community. She was honest and loyal, constantly supportive and generous, seeing potential where others didn’t. Always loved and never forgotten by those fortunate enough to have
known her.

Latest winner

  • 2023
    Mathew Cree(A Cam Operator) For his outstanding operating on 'Brother'

Previous Winners

  • 2022
    Dee Edwards (Amazing champion of camera depts in the UK and world wide . Forever in our hearts) Amazing champion of camera depts in the UK and world wide . Forever in our hearts