The Operators Award 2024

Feature Film Award

For outstanding work by a camera operator in a Feature Film production

This prestigious annual award recognises the craft, technical and artistic abilities that a dedicated Camera Operator must display to meet or surpass the demands of the Director and Director of Photography. This award also recognises the work of other Camera Operators who work as a team on main units.


Voting Procedures:

The Operators Award admin team and committee will compile the ‘Long List’ (minimum of

30 films) from productions taken from the FDA (Film Distribution Association). If there is a

production that you would like to be considered, fulfils the criteria and may not be on the FDA list, please let us know.


Voting opens to the membership from 12 noon on 31st December 2023 to 20th Jan 2024  

Eligible members of the 3 societies nominate five productions from the ‘Long List’.

The five highest ranked features films from this list will become the final five nominees.

Eligible voting members:

ACO – All members and patrons

BSC – Full, Associate and Honorary

GBCT – All members and patrons

Jury Voting:

In late January, a panel of distinguished figures from our industry will be called on to decide the winner from the list of nominations.

Final Note:

1) Eligible voters with multiple memberships may vote only once.

2)Voting procedures will be overseen by an independent organisation.

3)This award will be presented at the BSC Awards Night on February 3rd 2024. All final nominees will be invited to attend. 

4)There is no entrance fee.


All Nominees will be invited to attend the BSC Awards Night on February 3rd 2024 where The Operators Award will be presented. 


To be eligible, candidates should be credited as ‘A’ Camera Operator’ or ‘Camera Operator' and be the sole or lead Camera Operator on the production.

A nominated Camera Operator may include other Camera Operators as part of a “team” (i.e “B” Camera or Steadicam). In this case, all team members on the specified production, must have verifiable Camera Operator credits and have worked on the production for the majority of the schedule.

Special consideration will be given to Camera Operators who have been given a ‘B ’camera, or Steadicam Operator credit, who can display verifiable evidence that they performed the majority of the operating duties. Please contact us directly in these cases

No credited Directors of Photography who also operate a camera (on the submitted production) can be considered for application. This award is to recognise and celebrate the unique set of skills that a dedicated camera operator brings to a production.

If a Camera Operator working on Main Unit joins 2nd unit as DOP/Operator, they will not qualify as part of the ‘Camera Operators Team’ unless this is for a short period and he/she are not credited as DOP.