The Operators Award 2024

Dee Edwards Jury Award

For individuals or organisations who have made a notable contribution to furthering the craft of operating

Latest winner

  • 2023
    Mathew Cree(A Cam Operator) For his outstanding operating on 'Brother'

    After careful consideration, this year the Jury decided to bestow the award to Mathew Cree for his work as Camera Operator on the film “Brother” a low budget Canadian film. A critically acclaimed coming of age story, set in Scarborough Ontario, Matthew’s operating together with the cinematography of Guy Godfree, consistently support the narrative in a sympathetic and yet unsentimental manner, with confident composition and in depth, precise developing shots. The Awards Committee, offers their sincerest congratulations to Matthew. 

Previous Winners

  • 2022
    Dee Edwards (Amazing champion of camera depts in the UK and world wide . Forever in our hearts) Amazing champion of camera depts in the UK and world wide . Forever in our hearts
    For some years the operator awards committee have been aware of really talented operating on smaller films that don’t get votes due to limited distribution.
    In order to  shine a light on this talent, the idea of a jury prize has been discussed to help these ‘underdog’ films achieve the acclaim they deserve.  
    The committee has decided that this award will only be given when they believe a film has been overlooked and so it won’t be an annual certainty. 
    On further discussion the committee has decided this award may also be given to others in the industry who have supported and championed the work of operators and other camera crew - those of you who have worked so hard to help us excel in our work and do not get the accolade you deserve. 
    This year then, we believe it fitting that this award is given to our very own Dee Edwards, who fought her whole career for us all.
    Our biggest regret is that this is a posthumous recognition, and although we believe Dee would have baulked at receiving it in life, we are sad she isn't here in person to see how much she was loved and appreciated by everyone. Her contribution to the welfare of all involved in our industry was immeasurable, and she will always be loved, and never forgotten.